Dokutech Translations is a company that provides translation services, experienced in several fields of national and international industries.
We excel in: meeting deadlines, responsiveness, quality, confidentiality and competitive prices.
With its head office in Guimarães, and a strong presence in the market for over ten years, Dokutech stands out for being a young and dynamic company, that invests in its employees’ and collaborators’ continuous training, in order to respond quickly and efficiently, every single time, to any of today’s challenges.
In addition to our internal team, consisting of translators, proofreaders and project managers, we collaborate with an extensive network of freelance translators. All translators are native speakers, and the majority is bilingual, which allows us to ensure a professional and efficient service, adding value for both client and market. Moreover, we follow the “four eyes” principle: all translations are proofread, which is the only way to make it possible to ensure the highest quality of all our projects.
We hold a wide and diversified client portfolio, where internationally renowned brands can be found, and with whom we proudly work.
Raised between two cultures and countries, Marco Mesquita, Director of Dokutech Translations, realized early on that being bilingual would bring him advantages to his professional career.
He was born in Germany, where he lived until the age of 15. In Portugal, he completed his Master’s degree in Translation and has always maintained a special connection with the country he was brought up in.
Dokutech Translations arose from his wide experience in translation as a freelancer and the always praised, inherited German pragmatism that he applies to his work.
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