Professional translation enlarges the market potential, bringing businesses and people closer, as well as cultures and profits, that otherwise would be unattainable.
We translate for different subject fields:

- Technical text-books

- Computing, IT and software construction

- Mechanical engineering

- Electrical engineering

- Civil engineering and construction

- Manufacturing processes

- Automotive industry

- Medical equipment

- Installation instructions

- User manuals

- Assistance manuals

- Consumer electronics

- Websites

- Marketing

- Telecommunications

- Catalogues, brochures

Dokutech translates all European languages with maximum quality.
In-house, we translate between the Portuguese, German and English languages.
Our services:


Performed within a highly qualified technological framework, translating is a service of high value, that has as its main goal the improvement of communication beyond its linguistic boundaries. (...)


Proofreading is a key element of our success. It is a natural step of our work method that allows us to ensure that the text is accurate and that there are no terminological, linguistic, orthographic or grammatical errors. (...)


The localisation service consists of adapting the message to the cultural and linguistic context.
Beyond words, we translate realities and cultures. Communication must be natural and easily understood in order to (...)


Dokutech performs transcriptions from all languages and in all fields: legal, conference, interview, documentary and video transcriptions. (...)


Interpretation is a particularly challenging service and it should not be mistaken for translation, that only applies to written texts.
Interpretation consists of transposing the message from one language into another, with naturalness and fluency, in real time. Throughout an interpretation, there is no time to clarify doubts, to be advised by colleagues or to do intensive research. Everything happens in the moment, immediately. (...)
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